Castello di Potentino is now offering day-trip excursions by helicopter: a series of innovative itineraries designed to showcase the very best of our remarkable region, harnessing the unparalleled speed and ease of helicopter transfers to create unforgettable travel events.

Much of Tuscany’s legendary beauty lies in its remoter and more secret places. Hours of winding roads and potholes make them practically impossible to visit but a helicopter gets you there effortlessly and in time to explore even more of these magical out of reach locations during your stay.

From the castle’s hub on the Monte Amiata—one of the last undiscovered corners of Tuscany—the Travel by Potentino team tailors unique helicopter routes linking up a network of select local producers, restaurants and raconteurs. Guests will enjoy exhilarating multi-leg flights over the secret inaccessible landscapes of Etruria, the Maremma Coast, and the spectacular Tuscan Archipelago, dine with Michelin-starred chefs, and gain special access to the region’s top olive-pressers, cheese-tasters, wine-makers and cocktail-shakers along the way. Fly over castles and monasteries, Etruscan sites and Roman ruins, vineyards and olive groves, beaches and islands in rarely-seen Tuscany.

Day Trips

Some of the magic of Tuscany lies in the number of hidden gems that can be found. Whether you want to find a church decorated entirely with della Robbia ceramics, a hidden Templar chapel built in an Etruscan tomb, or simply wish to have a curated tour of the thousands of wineries, we can help you. 

Another delight of Tuscany is the vast wealth of delicious places to eat. We can organise visits to frantoios to see olive oil being made, to artisanal cheesemakers who still milk their own traditional flock of sheep. 

After nearly than forty years of experience living in Tuscany, Charlotte and Alexander will organise an inspirational experience tailored to your needs. 

Food & Wine Experiences

Tuscany's windy roads can make travelling even what seem short distances more strenuous than one might imagine- but the distances are often well worth the journey. 

We offer some of the best experiences, whether it is an opportunity to taste wines selected from all over Italy made by interesting small producers or to work with a Michelin-starred chef on your pasta making. We can customise your stay with some of the best food and wine experiences in Italy.

Walking Tours

Walking through the Tuscan countryside is one of the best ways to enter the landscape- see the countryside, forage for wild greens as you walk through olive groves with centuries old olive trees, forge mountain streams, following in the footsteps of pilgrims. A slower, but deeper way to experience Italy.