I.G.T. TOSCANA Alicante

Dry Red Wine

Grape Variety: Grenache (Alicante)

Fermentation: In 50 Hl barrels of French Oak for 18 days

Maturation: In 18 Hl barrels of French Oak for at least 24 months

Refinement: In bottle for a minimum of 9 months before being placed on the market

Organoleptic Characteristics: Balaxus is a wine made from Alicante, also known as Grenache; characteristics of pomegranate garnet and fresh mountain cherries in its color, aromas and flavors. The texture is detailed and bright, reflecting the volcanic quartz soil and cool, crisp evenings. Balaxus is the name of an oriental ruby highly prized by the ancients

Nose: Delicately floral, lightly spiced, elegant and ethereal in a complex and fine bouquet

Palate: Dry, medium bodied, with well-balanced acidity. Harmonious, elegant, without evidence of harsh tannins. A very pleasant aftertaste.

Serve at: 18 degrees Celsius
BALAXUS is the name of a deep red oriental ruby highly prized by the ancients.

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