The Potentino Valley Project And Community Supported Agriculture

The creation of the PVP is a means of gathering support and creating a wider community to regenerate agricultural traditions around the Amiata. The idea grew out of movements across the globe responding to the expansion of the environmentally damaging industrialisation of agriculture: Agricultura Civica in Italy, Takai in Japan and Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) all over the world.

The growth of CSAs in the last few decades reflects people’s desire to support small farmers and producers who are not only committed to land stewardship but can also provide for their local communities. Along with movements like SlowFood and farm-to-table projects like Dan Barber’s Blue Hill Farm, they are a practical solution to concerns about GM produce and industrialisation of food production, helping to increase environmental awareness and foster a greater mindfulness about where our food comes from. 

These programs help sustain a more stable network of growers and producers for the future. The Potentino Valley Project is a mechanism for actively preserving the valley while providing people with Potentino Valley products – all of which have been made with a sensitivity to the surrounding ecosystem and its history.

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