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By becoming a PVP member you will be helping to maintain traditions for future generations – traditions that have played an essential role in forming a habitat that has continuously nurtured human populations since pre-Etruscan times. Members will become part of a unique community that is connected by a sense of place, where the relationships between the climate, the earth, the vegetation, individual sensibility and the past come together in the enjoyment of local food and wine, castle life, and the actual earth where the produce comes from. We believe that all culture grows from a relationship with place. Place creates idiosyncratic cultural expressions – from agriculture and viticulture to art, music and design. In other words, it creates living.

Castello di Potentino is focused on establishing cultivation of fruits and vegetables that are appropriate for its particular environment – including some Amiata ‘heirloom’ varieties.  Planting more trees and encouraging microlife.

When plots of land become available in the valley, we will use the proceeds from the PVP membership to acquire and revive them. This will ensure that this valuable ancient landscape becomes less vulnerable to construction.

The project also aims to regenerate interest and employment within the local community by setting up a viable model for economic and cultural sustainability. Using knowledge and resources around the Amiata, the PVP will support local craftsmanship so that it remains an important part of the social structure.

Other projects we are initiating include reintroducing the transumanza – the traditional migration of sheep from pasture to pasture bringing the flocks from the lowlands up to the mountains so that they could continue to graze. At Potentino we plan to bring in a flock of sheep to produce milk for cheese from the otherwise unused grass. Adopting a lamb or even adopting a bee hive with its colony will be an option for members.  The articles from weaving and making felt from the wool from the flock that grazes on our pastures can also purchased in order to support our endeavours.

The PVP will also explore alternative energy sources for use in rural situations.

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