The Winemakers Release

I.G.T. Toscana Rosso

Grape Variety: Sangiovese

Fermentation: In 50 Hl barrels of French Oak for approximately 14 days

Maturation: In 50 Hl barrels of French Oak for at least 24 months

Refinement: In bottle for at least 3 years before being placed on the market.

Organoleptic Characteristics

Colour: Delicate translucent ruby

Nose: Intensely floral, with violet and rose notes, sage, savoury and wild penny mint.

Palate: Dry, complex and extremely sublimated, with fine web-like acidity and subtle but resonant tannins.

Serve at: 18-20 degrees Celsius

Best accompanied by: Beef stews or steak, venison, wild boar.

The Winemaker’s Release 2010 Vintage

This wine is specially aged in bottle in the Potentino Cellars until Charlotte, the Winemaker, decides it has reached the right moment of evolution and is ready for proper aging. The wine is a celebration of the mysterious processes that occur within the bottle after the barrel.

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