Sacromonte or “Sacred Mountain” refers to Monte Amiata which was the home of the gods for the Etruscans and our flagship wine is named in honour of the volcanic peperino stone typical to the mountain and used in the construction of the Castle itself. 

Sacromontino, out latest issue,  is a play on the name of our aged Sangiovese as it only has 6 months ageing in stainless steel to produce a fresher more exuberant young wine. Hence the ‘ino’ ending which is the diminutive in Italian which means smaller or little version.

Fermentation: in 50hl barrels of French Oak for approximately 14 days

Grape variety: Sangiovese

Maturation: 6 months in 50hl stainless steel vat

Organoleptic Characteristics

Colour: bright crimson red with some blue tinges

Nose: fresh and vibrant with black currant leaf and blackberry flower.

Palate: nervy and raspy tannins, dark berry and ‘sotto bosco’ earthiness with a tangy finish.

Serve at:  cellar temperature or can be lightly chilled in the summer

Best accompanied by: fresh pecorino, roast lamb (Abbacchio al Forno), sausages, parmigiana melanza, pasta e ceci.




1litre bright green glass with bottle cap

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