Yoga Retreat With Andrea Hill (September 2024)

From £1490 (GBP)
From 1st June to 6th September

To retreat is to get perspective on your life and what really makes you happy. Experience the joy of rediscovering yourself.

There is nothing quite as nourishing for your mind, body and soul than a week of yoga, healthy food, being immersed in nature, fresh air, sunshine, time to breathe and deep sleep.

Be a beautiful person, in a beautiful place, doing a beautiful thing.
Why Retreat?
Many of us work towards our next holiday when we might finally rest only to find our holidays are not truly fulfilling. Maybe we cram in too much. We over-eat, drink too much, move too little and end up lethargic. Retreating is different.
When was the last time you felt truly refreshed. When did you give yourself time to breathe, to experience peace and re-balance. Placing ourselves in a quiet, nurturing environment, without the constant over stimulation of modern life, we can recalibrate.
What are the benefits?
This is my personal experience of retreating to Ithaca in 2023…
Day 1 My frown has dropped and I’m smiling.
Day 2 I am sleeping through the night – no longer waking at 4am and beginning to ponder.
Day 3 My normal daily headache has gone and I’ve reclaimed my mornings.
Day 4 My gut has calmed right down. I woke without my usual back pain.
Day 6 My body is more supple and my mind curious and open to new ideas.
Day 7 I have shifted into being relaxed in silence and deeply content.
Day 8 I feel lighter, more spacious and completely restored. I’d fogotten I can feel this good.
Tuscany is the quirkiest and the most educational appealing to foodies, history buffs and nature lovers. Fall into natural rhythm of castle life and learn all about food and wine production the natural way. The June retreat focuses on nutrition and offers the easiest level of yoga suitable for beginners and those who prefer a gentle practice. The September retreat celebrates the harvest.
The Yoga.
Enjoy connecting in with nature whilst we breathe, move and restore together.
Yoga will be taught twice daily in the chapel or outside by the pool. The June retreat offers those who are new to yoga or would like more support, to experience the joy of yoga. Numbers will be kept small (8-10 people) to ensure more individual attention.

Andrea is a senior qualified and experienced yoga teacher. She holds the ERYT500 level certification which is the highest recognised in the industry. Teaches a variety of styles, Andrea mixes different lineages and disciplines to create classes and retreats that help people learn and master yoga skills.


Andrea came to yoga late in life, starting a daily practice in 2017 whilst still recovering from serious injury and in chronic pain. She qualified when she was already a granny and is a big advocate for it never being too late to start. Through diligent self-inquiry she is learning to inhabit her body more lightly: with more compassion and less pain.


Andrea’s personal story is one of transformation. Yoga has helped her find meaning after a turbulent set of events turned her life upside down, leaving her jobless, divorced, mentally and physically unwell and fleeing to live in a foreign country where she knew nobody. Her commitment is to help others with their own journey of self-discovery.

Through Yoga Andrea helps people feel good about themselves. She seeks to teach resilience with
joyfulness; how to be fully focused whilst calm and openminded; physical self-care through alignment awareness; and the ability to breathe fully and rest

Andrea qualified in Ashtanga Yoga in October 2017, taking her advanced Rocket training with ‘Its
Yoga” in Florence a year later. She was inspired by the physicality and rhythm of Ashtanga and how life’s difficulties fade into the background whilst moving to the breath.


Eager to learn, Andrea studied Iyengar for a year which led her to a passion for alignment She re-trained in contemporary Vinyasa Flow, intelligent sequencing, anatomy and injury management with Jason Crandell (graduating in August 2021). In 2024 she is studying Sivananda yoga in an ashram in India under the instruction of Swami Govindananda to increase her appreciation of yoga as a way of life.

Prices for June 6 nights
Deluxe Castle Double or twin ensuite room (2 people sharing) £1,620pp
Castle Triple room ensuite for (3 people sharing) £1,510pp
Deluxe Castle Double ensuite room sole use £1,830
Deluxe Castle twin separate private bathroom (2 people sharing) £1,570pp
Deluxe castle double separate private bathroom (sole use) £1,730
Granary cottage room, Queen size, shared bath (sole use) £1,490

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