Potentino Monte Amiata Vermouth


A rich composite of herbal and exotic spice aromas. Reverberating notes of cinnamon, wild fennel, wormwood and bitter almond. It can be drunk as a pre-lunch pick me up and ‘cure all’ at about midday like Her Majesty the Queen does with her Punt e Mes vermouth tipple but also with biscotti or sweets. Negronis or Americanos are a must.

Distilled by master distiller Priscilla Occhipinti at Nannoni, who also makes our grappa and gin, the Potentino Vermouth recipe was brewed by Charlotte during the lockdown and will be distilled in August and September. Charlotte has used the Alicante/Grenache from our Balaxus as the base- the traditional base for a red vermouth. The alcohol has also been distilled from Potentino's wine too.

It is perfect for making a Potentino Negroni. 

0.5L Bottles

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