Castello di Potentino

Potentino's 20th Anniversary Celebration at the Frontline Club, London

Starts on: Sunday, December 1, 2019

Ends on: Sunday, December 1, 2019

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Over the last few weeks, Charlotte and I have been looking at photos of Potentino when we first came to Potentino. Charlotte and a number of friends first went to see the castle when we were still living at Montepo' our first castle near Scansano, about an hour's drive from Potentino. Charlotte instantly fell in love. It has not been an easy journey to get Potentino to where it is now. Charlotte and our mother Sally, lived in the castle during the winter with bubble wrap over the windows, keeping the cold air out in the winter, the ping of buckets filling up when it rained coming through the roof. Repainting the walls with pigments...

Hard work planting the vineyards by hand- picking out many tonnes of rocks from the fields and then the slow graft of years of wine harvests has certainly paid its toll on knees. But it has all been worth it, as anyone who has been to Potentino can atest. Anyone who has been to one of our pop-ups around the world (whether in France, Canada, Norway or the USA will know we put a lot of love effort into making our guests feel like they are at Potentino itself.

All of this culminating in a bottle of wine, a restored castle or a simple piece of bread dipped in our own olive oil, a soup made with tomatoes from the vegetable garden.

These are some of the more romantic moments of life in Italy and of course there have been battles to preserve the area beyond Potentino too- whether from encroaching development or just the usual efforts of running a business. 

How to celebrate? We haven't decided yet, but we will do something spectacular...


To be determined

To be decided- a menu of fantastic food from Potentino

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