Menu 2 by Mark Springer


MENU 2 is the new album from ex-RIP RIG + PANIC member Mark Springer. Drawn from the original master tapes, MENU 2 features solo piano recordings from the original MENU CD sessions recorded for Virgin Records in 1991.

The original release was critically acclaimed as a series of dynamic, lyrical and virtuoso performances showcasing Mark Springer's tremendous pianistic ability and versatility in composition. MENU 2 delves further into the treasure trove of recordings made at the time.

This comprehensive double CD also includes "Potentino Wine Piano Quintet" a complimentary set of compositions written and recorded in 2016!

Disc 1: Menu 2

  1. Trick Spring
  2. Square Frame You
  3. The Downs (Alternative Take)v
  4. Don’t Laugh Now
  5. Empty Chairs
  6. Shakes (Alternative Take)
  7. Into The Light Air Surrounded
  8. As Stillness Changed
  9. T Cut
  10. Side Jump
  11. Questions Counterpoint (Homage To Cherry)
  12. The Little Bird
  13. John’s Tune (Alternative Take)


Disc 2: Potentino Wine Piano Quintet

  1. Seed Discovering The Earth
  2. Growth Of The Vines
  3. Sap Rising Growth Flowering
  4. Retreat Into Winter
  5. In Winter

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