Castello di Potentino

Real Time by Mark Springer

Starts on: Monday, August 12, 2019

Ends on: Thursday, August 15, 2019

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Al Castello di Potentino

Lunedì 12 Agosto a Giovedì 15 Agosto
Ore 21:00 
Entrata Libera 

Springer's solo piano performances are renowned for his technical virtuosity and compositional originality.

As he describes in his recent programme FREE FALL released on BBC Radio 4
with Springer, Laura Mvula and Juliet Stevenson discussing the creative power of Risk.
“I will go out on stage and use the piano and the context in which it is placed to create something entirely new which I call ‘spontaneous compositions in real time’."


Mark Springer is one of Britain's foremost contemporary pianists and composers. Springer first came to the publics attention in the group Rip Rig and Panic. This group also featured the singer Neneh Cherry and Sean Oliver and Gareth Sager and Bruce Smith. Here he explored what was to be the start of his virtuosi piano performances and compositions.

Over the intervening years Springer has maintained his consistent innovative and revolutionary piano sound. This also includes many recent compositions for piano and string quartet and opera and other ensembles. Mark Springer owns his own record label -

Some reviews for Mark's previous works:

“Substantial works. One thinks of the flowing lyricism of Nyman’s work in this field or Gorecki’s seesawing lines”   THE WIRE (Watching Bird) 

“Complex and assured works that manage to fit strident Cecil Taylor-esque pianism into lyrically delineated structures"   JAZZWISE (Watching Bird)

“Characterised by tonal moods whose warm, measured qualities evoke the trills of Bax or Ravel. Bristling with momentum, it’s exhilarating and adventurous”   PROG (Watching Bird) 

“Eerily elusive chamber music scored with a Bernard Herrmann-esque precison”   RECORD COLLECTOR (Watching Bird) 

“This is Steve Reich territory, only here with more dynamic tension and often romantic intent. Utterly beguiling ****”   JAZZ JOURNAL (Watching Bird)

“New classical pieces that lean on his love of jazz. Fascinating listening that will expand the horizons of his post-punk following”   CLASSIC POP (Watching Bird)

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