Castello di Potentino

Discovering Cheese with Juliet Harbutt

Starts on: Thursday, July 27, 2017

Ends on: Sunday, July 30, 2017

Price: Starting from - based on available rooms and number of guests, fill out the form for total price.

Following our theme for Castello di Potentino’s Study of the Senses programme which centres on the importance of fermentation in food, we are very pleased to have the expert on all things cheese, Juliet Harbutt returning to host a weekend of tasting, talks and a demonstration of cheesemaking at Potentino. An amusing and very knowledgeable speaker, she was introduced to us by our great family friend Prue Leith and hosted an inspiring tasting of classic and lesser known Italian cheeses at the castle last year.  We all learnt and ate a vast amount and insisted she came back this year. 

Juliet Harbutt, one of the world’s foremost authorities on Cheese, created and ran the British Cheese Awards for 21 years, has judged at the Swiss, French, NZ and American Cheese Awards and written numerous books and articles on cheese. The World Cheese Book, published in 9 languages, won Best Food Book in 2010 and has sold over 90.000 copies! 

Radio 4’s Food Programme recently featured Juliet in their prestigious "My Life in..." series.

The Study of the Senses at Castello di Potentino is a new programme that brings the structure back to life in its traditional role as a hub for the arts and creativity in a modern, dynamic way.  As a 21st century castle, Castello di Potentino addresses contemporary issues with reference to the wisdom of the past, through a series of interactive Learning Courses, Master Classes, and Events. Agriculture and viticulture are about growing and living, so eating and drinking well are an important element in the Potentino ethos which is concerned with the sustainability of how we inhabit a place and relate to it physically and mentally. The Events will promote a better hands-on knowledge of food, wine, music, colour, cooking, producing and developing in a mindful way that encourages people to make their own informed decisions about what they like and what they do to their minds and bodies.  Mixing traditional ideas with current trends, local with global, working with creative minds, and experts in their fields from all over the world, Potentino will provide the setting for an innovative approach to taste and sensory experience.