Feet First! Wine making & WSET Level 2 Course With Emily O'Hare (September 2022)

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The best way to learn about wine is to participate in a harvest - Join us for our harvest this year - and feel the chapters of the WSET Level 2 study book come to life.

At Castello di Potentino students of the WSET Level 2 residential course get out in the vineyard for a morning’s grape picking. And then head either into the winery to get involved in the pressing of the fruit, or head to the nearby Etruscan wine stones to foot press the grapes - students learn both the ancient and modern methods for winemaking.

This is a five-day (six-night) residential course during which you will study and sit the WSET level 2 examination while enjoying everything Tuscany has to offer. The course follows on from WSET level 1 (which is not essential).

The WSET course will be led by Decanter Italian wine writer and VIA Italian Wine Ambassador, Emily O’Hare - previously Head Sommelier and Wine Buyer at The River Café.

For WSET Level 2 we look at where the principal grapes and other important varieties grow best in the world and what factors contribute to making those grapes grow so beautifully... and why those wines might have a higher price-tag. Wine labels will never be a problem again!

We also take an in-depth look at the methods used to make sparkling, sweet and fortified wines.

Level 1 is not obligatory - a willingness to know more about wine (and to taste a lot of it) is all that is required of the level 2 student. Each class is very interactive-we taste at least 10 wines per day-the practical element is crucial. We will try Chablis, Chateauneuf du Pape, Barolo, Rioja and many more to understand what makes these wines great and whether they are to our personal liking-so that you will finish the course confident about what wines you like and why that is so. It will be quite a week!

We will also explore the best of the local region, tasting olive oil, watching sheep's milk being transformed into cheese right before your eyes, and visiting a best-in-class Montalcino winery.

Drink responsibly. People under the age of 18 will not be allowed to participate in the tastings.

Feet First! Wine making & WSET Level 2 Course With Emily O'Hare (September 2022)
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