Castello di Potentino

The Goddess Uncorked Discover Your Creative Power in Authentic Tuscany September 11-18, 2017

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Step back in time at Castello di Potentino on the slope of an extinct volcano in Tuscany. Dive into artisan activities that are at the heart of Italian culture: picking grapes in the vineyard, pressing them with your feet, making bread from stone ground wheat, making ricotta and pecorino cheese, tasting wine and olive oil, making pasta and risotto, gathering fresh vegetables from the garden…. Rejuvenate with massage, yoga, guided meditation, swimming in the pool or in a nearby waterfall, walking through the woods…. Experience the pleasures of the Italian table. And through these experiences, discover your feminine power, restore your energy and experiment with your own creativity.


Eleanor Shannon

Course Leader 

Eleanor Shannon of Uncorked in Italy, came to Italy to teach in an academic honors program for Italian university students. She experienced her own "uncorking" through a series of adventures: training to become a certified wine sommelier, meeting organic and biodynamic winegrowers, tasting their wines, writing about her experience, taking courses in yoga, dance and meditation, launching Uncorked In Italy, and adapting to daily life in Tuscany. 

Charlotte Horton

Castello di Potentino Owner and Winegrower 

When Charlotte's family first bought Castello di Potentino , it was a remote ruin. With a remarkable vision for what the castle could be, Charlotte set out to restore the building, plant the vineyards, reclaim the olive groves and transform the castle into a working farm. Potentino now makes award winning organic wine and olive oil, hosts guests, holds events and workshops, invites musicians and artists to work "in residence" and more. It is a modern creative center deeply rooted in Tuscan history and culture. 

Roberto Rossi

Owner and Chef of the Michelin Starred "Il Silene" 

Roberto grew up working at Il Silene when it was still a humble trattoria serving traditional fare for locals in a forgotten corner of Italy. With fierce confidence in the undiscovered goodness around him, he set out to transform it into a destination, world class restaurant. His secret recipe is simple but not easy: an unwavering commitment to his roots and to the highest quality, organic, local ingredients . Luckily, he never forgets to have fun along the way.

Nadia Botha Steward

Yoga and Ayurvedic Yoga Massage 

Nadia has traveled and practiced yoga around the world and now lives on the Monte Amiata. Trained in the Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow traditions, Nadia customizes her classes for the group and for the moment. She also practices Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (Kusum Modak Method) combining traditional Indian deep tissue massage with coordinated breathwork and yoga-based stretching techniques.


The ancient Etruscans believed that the Monte Amiata was the home of their gods and goddesses. They were making wine in wine basins carved from volcanic rock about 2500 years ago (and we will press grapes in one of them).