Wisdom and Wine with Chandi Wyant and Ross King

This November, Chandi Wyant and Ross King are offering a 4-night retreat at Potentino called Wisdom & Wine. Designed for the intellectually curious who appreciate slow travel, this Tuscan salon features:  Evenings:
  • talks by Chandi and Ross on ancient and Renaissance sources of wisdom
  • poetry sharing 
  • a thanksgiving meal with singing around the communal table that you’ll never forget
  • a foraging walk learning the special features of the valley and forest
  • wine tasting at the castle– Charlotte’s award-winning organic wines
  •  an excursion to an author and winemaker’s home for more on wine and wisdom
  • visit the most beautiful abbey in Tuscany and hear Gregorian chants
Ross King is a highly-regarded author of books on Italy's rich history and art. Chandi is a licensed guide in Florence with a master's degree in 15th century Florentine history. Ross and Chandi will give evening talks on intriguing aspects of Italy's history. The aim is to create something akin to Jane Austen's world, or to the salons of the French Enlightenment, where social media and devices will be set aside, and ideas are discussed instead. There will also be a focus on the organic boutique wines of this special wine-producing area.

The Salon will take place from Monday November 21 through Thursday November 24. This is a wonderful month in Tuscany-- the season of truffles and the olive harvest. A perfect time to engage with like-minded people at magical Potentino.
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