Gerry de Bastiano

Gerry de Bastiano was born in Lecce, Italy.

After his artistic studies at the Scuola D'arte di Lecce and carried on in Rome at the European Institute of Designer, he decided to experience London where he began to develop his personal taste. Together with the Architect Nigel Coates, and Fashion Photographer Michael Roberts he also met Francis Bacon all of whom had a decisive influence on his artistic direction.

In the 90s, working for the first time with ceramics, having been completely seduced by its charme, Gerry started producing his first vases very successfully working with the Florentine institution, the Fabbrica Zaccagnini. Always researching and searching for the best aesthetic solution, the Artist created a new technique in ceramics and developed a series called “Collapsing Vases”. From 1999, Gerry de Bastiano became the artistic director of the Fabbrica Zaccagnini manufacturing in Florence.

For more information about Gerry and his work, you can visit his website here