Castello di Potentino

Pilates at Potentino- Patrice Munro in residence- July

Starts on: Saturday, July 13, 2019

Ends on: Saturday, July 20, 2019

Price: Starting from - based on available rooms and number of guests, fill out the form for total price.

Come to Potentino and place yourself in the hands of Pilates teacher Patrice Munro and come away with a new-found understanding of your body.

Patrice will be on hand at the castle to help you and will schedule classes during your stay. Come for a few days, for the whole week or just for a class. You should be able to leave Potentino with a programme of exercises that you can take home with you.

"The Spirit of Potentino lends itself so completely to any kind of practise that encompasses creativity.  They use flavour and ingredients with joy, create textiles, connect directly to the land with fantastic  wine, vegetables and cheeses and the artisans who live within a wide radius of the Castle.  It is this connectivity that I feel streams in tandem with the Philosophies of Pilates.  

Balance, Flow, Concentration, Energy, the Breath.  This atmosphere opens up and deepens the Mind/Body connection so vital for any kind of movement discipline.

Do you have questions about your current practise of Pilates.  Is it something you wish to begin?

My eyes are trained to see the true alignment of your bones and I work with the whole body and the fascial lines that connect the whole of your body with your mind.

Deepening your practise, which you may already be working on within your body, or opening up to the possibilities of trying something new; Potentino is much more than a location to visit."

Patrice Munro

This books only your time with Patrice- please book your room separately via the website for the number of days you would like to be at Potentino.

If you have any questions before you book, do not hesitate to email us or telephone us on +390564950643.

25% Payment is due on booking with the rest due 14 days before the course. Payment can either be made via bank transfer or via credit card.