Potentino Monte Amiata Bitter


A Gordian knot of intriguing flavours redolent of old fashioned syrups or concoctions but with a pleasant long lasting bitterness.  Hints of orris and mace, Seville orange peel and angelica.  It has a vibrant orange red tonality and would go with soda and freshly squeezed orange juice or the Classic Negroni.  You can experiment and make your own mix.  It is most enjoyable just by itself.

Distilled by master distiller Priscilla Occhipinti at Nannoni, who also makes our grappa and gin, the Potentino Bitter recipe was brewed by Charlotte during the lockdown and will be distilled in August and September. It is perfect for making a Potentino Negroni. 

0.5L Bottles

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