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Farrotto with Wild Mushrooms and Jerusalem Artichokes

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Potentino Minestrone

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Radicchio and chicory with balsamic vinegar and honey

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Gnudi - Poached Ricotta Dumplings

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Sample Recipe: Gnudi

Gnudi (trans. naked ones) or Malfatti (badly made). For 6-8 servings – In Gnudi the g is soft so ‘Nudi’.


These are essentially poached ricotta dumplings, known as ‘naked’ or ‘badly made’ as they do not have the pasta parcel that would make them into ravioli or tortelli. Lighter than gnocchi, they may be served with a Toasted Sage and Olive Oil infusion or other sauces of invention and choice. The most important ingredient is a sheep’s cheese ricotta which obviously is better the fresher and more home-made it is, as with most ingredients.


The other vital factor is that the green leaf (spinach, chard, or stinging nettle or chichory) is squeezed very dry after blanching and finely chopped.


Ricotta 600g
Green leaf 200g
2 eggs and yolks
Flour for rolling

Sautee sage leaves in oil – do not burn and leave to infuse with melted knob of butter if you wish.


Salt and Pepper to taste


You may put grated parmesan into the mix but I find that too rich and have it at table if anyone wants a sprinkle on top of the Gnudi.


The Gnudi may also be made without the green leaf with the addition of basil or chopped herbs or cinnamon.


You need a Big pot of boiling water. Salt when boiling – boiling must not be too violent or the Gnudi will break up. Be Generous with the water.


Mix all in a bowl and take out little balls. Roll in flour into slightly lozenge shape.


Put in gently boiling water one by one.


Take out when they pop to the surface with a sieve spoon, plate and dress with the sage and oil infusion.


Remove your clothes and eat naked.