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1st January 2020
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The Wine Club

The Potentino Wine Club is for all Potentino fans who would like to get wines delivered to their homes all over the world on a regular basis. We can deliver wines to you as often as you would like before we release them to the general public. Subscribe for mixed cases, or just your favourite wine and we will make sure to deliver them on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually as you prefer.

Members of the Potentino Wine Club will also receive special offers, gems from the castle's cellars and discounts on orders too.

Mixed Red & Rose
A mixed case of reds and rosés chosen by Charlotte. (6 Bottles)
€ 120
Mixed Red
Two bottles of each of our latest red wine vintages. Piropo, Balaxus and Sacromonte.
€ 140
Mixed Rose
Three bottles of each of our latest rose wine vintages. Lyncurio and Jaspidem.
€ 108
The Tasting Case
One bottle of each of our wines. Piropo, Sacromonte, Balaxus, The Winemaker’s Release, Lyncurio and Jaspidem.
€ 120
A case of Sacromonte from Castello di Potentino. "Wild macchia herbs with blackberry." (6 Bottles)
€ 86
A case of Balaxus from Castello di Potentino. “Pomegranate, garnets and fresh mountain cherries." (6 Bottles)
€ 97
A case of Piropo from Castello di Potentino. “Red currants and walnut leaves." (6 Bottles)
€ 162
A case of Lyncurio from Castello di Potentino. “Pale winter sunsets and summer fruit." (6 Bottles)
€ 135
A case of Jaspidem from Castello di Potentino. “Wild strawberry and raspberry with a red apple caramel finish." (6 Bottles)
€ 81
Winemaker's Release
A case of Winemaker's Release from Castello di Potentino. “Violet, rose and sage." (6 Bottles)
€ 162
Grappa Bianca
A case of Grappa Bianca from Castello di Potentino. "Distinct straw on the nose, red currents and cherries" (6 Bottles)
€ 210
Grappa Riserva
A case of Grappa Riserva from Castello di Potentino. "Fresh straw nose, a hint of vanilla on the palate." (6 Bottles)
€ 210

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