Clare Frost

“Although I believe in the pure elegance of a simple thing well done, I am often overwhelmed by the sheer amount of beautiful complicated things. I feel lucky to have crossed paths with such incredible teachers, many of them women, and to be able to work seeking a balance between the chaos of beauty and the order of design.

Working in small quantities and limited runs, my focus is producing interesting, adaptable designs using traditional techniques and handwork. Following my interests and curiosities instead of seasons, new designs are presented as they are ready. Designed with love and made with care, my greatest hope is that my work gives you the joy it gives me, and that you use them in happy, healthy days. A confirmed believer in apotropaism, I also hope my work brings you strength and protection.”

- Clare Frost


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“Castello di Potentino has given me many opportunities over the years, but none so rich as collaborating with them on their design line. As a textile designer specializing in block printed fabrics, it was a unique challenge to use my chosen language to express the place and feel of the historic and vibrant Castello, to take an aesthetic and an essence and translate it to fabrics that could be appreciated even by those who've never made the pilgrimage to Potentino. As Potentino - the place and its philosophy - is dear to my heart, I wanted the fabrics to express both my emotions about the place, its history and its people (and dogs), as well as to serve as a bridge between the language and world of the Castello and my own. ”

— Clare Frost