Olive Oil & Grappa

Olive Oil

The olive groves mainly consist of century-old trees which belong to an indigenous variety. The Olivastra Seggianese prized for its intense yet delicate complexity. The olives are hand-picked in October and November: They are pressed immediately at the prize-winning Frantoio Franci in Montenero d'Orcia.

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The crushed grapes ferment in the wooden vats of 50hl, made from special French oak, where they remain during a maceration period of about two weeks. When the grapes skins are racked off they are left to drain naturally without being pressed in a torque and are sent full of juice to the distillery of the Maestro Gioacchino Nannoni to be transformed into grappa.

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“We are in Love with Castello di Potentino Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tuscany! A life altering revelation was made during an Italian trip when I realized olive oil was used as a condiment!! Drizzled on everything from vegetables to meats as a finishing touch.”

— The Boulevard Market, Chicago