Servo Muto Valet Stand

€ 1500
Nigel Coates for Potentino


  • Width 82cm
  • Depth 40cm
  • Height 160cm


Made in Italy

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The Potentino design range reflects the concept of the ‘21st Century Castle’. It has been developed not only with talented designers, but with craftspeople from various fields. With core values of solidity, fine craftsmanship, intelligence and practicality, these designs are influenced by Tuscan sobriety executed with a pinch of Surrealist humour.

A classic, yet unisex Valet stand combined with oriental elements for your kimono or your Savile Row suit, the dimensions also allow women to hang dresses on it too. It is prefect for hanging your Potentino kimono, or for hanging towels in a bathroom.

Made in Tuscany by local craftsmen- designed by Nigel Coates.



The Potentino Design Line is made-to-order and and takes 6-8 weeks for delivery.