Double Sun Bed

Jono Nussbaum for Potentino
€ 2500


  • Width 140cm
  • Depth 202cm
  • Height 48cm


Made in Italy

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Developed by the Greene family, owners of the magnificent Potentino Castle in rural southern Tuscany, the ‘Potentino’ design range reflects the concept of the 21st Century Castle.

A select stable of designers have created a range of considered pieces using different mediums yet with the same core values of solidity, practicality and fine craftsmanship.
Influenced by Tuscan sobriety, with a pinch of surrealist humour.

The double sun lounger is part of an elegant yet practical range of outdoor furniture taking inspiration from classic Italian farm machinery of the 1950's

Built to last, with a powder coated steel frame and handcrafted wooden slats, the frames can be sprayed in one of a selection of 1950's vintage colour options detailed in the photos above.

Correctly maintained, these pieces can remain outside for the duration of the year.