Scent and Scentabilty with Celia Lyttleton

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6th April 2017
10th April 2017
Explore your sense of smell and create your own perfumes whilst enjoying delicious aromatic food and wine tastings.



€ 1495.00


Scent and Scentabilty with THE SCENT TRAIL author Celia Lyttleton. Explore your sense of smell and create your own perfumes whilst enjoying delicious aromatic food and wine tastings. 

The five-day course at Castello di Potentino will be orchestrated by Celia Lyttelton; she is a scent critic and the author of THE SCENT TRAIL, How One Woman's quest for the Perfect Perfume Took Her Round the World. Published by Bantam and Penguin.

Fees include:
• Full board and lodging in the castle for four nights.
• Two sessions a day with Celia Lyttelton during which you will learn:
o The basic principles and equipment for perfume-making, getting acquainted with pipettes and blotters.
o The seven families of perfume
o How to unleash your own sense of smell
o How to determine your own perfume profile
o How to make a scent from aromatic bases
o How to build a pyramid of notes and familiarize yourself with the gamut of odours
o To explore and work around specific aromatic families and their raw materials
o To make and blend accords and devise formulas and compose a scent and much more.

• Wine tasting with the castle’s winemaker Charlotte Horton with a special emphasis on the articulation of taste and smell.
• Each student will have an olfactorium; a box of essential oils and blends from which to experiment and make their own bespoke scents.

Flights are not included. Transfers to and from the airports can be arranged and a meeting time will be provided once we know flight details.

Day 1 6th April

Fly in to Pisa or Florence and transfer to Castello di Potentino
Welcome dinner.

Day 2- 7th April

A brief History of Perfume and Aromatics; followed by a practical session grasping the rudiments and equipment for perfume-making, learning how to use pipettes, blotters and putting a 'fan' of blotters together to make an accord.

Learning about the raw materials and the difference between essential oils, absolutes, gums and resins and composing a classic oriental perfume, an eau de cologne and a Chypre base; (the trial bottles will be evaluated the next day.)

Wine and olive oil tasting concentrating on aromatics and the articulation of taste followed by a light dinner.

Day 3- 8th April

How a scent is composed of top, middle and base notes, building a pyramid of notes with which to make a scent using pyramid formula diagrams and mood moods.

Composing and blending accords with a 'perfumer's palette' of oils for your own bespoke scent with two or three trial bottles.

An aromatic, scent inspired dinner making use of local herbs and spices and if the weather permits foraged ingredients.

Day 4- 9th April

Having divined a scent, give it a name and further fine tune it. Gathering from the pastures and outlying vineyards scent bearing-plants and herbs to distil in an alembic and see how essential oils are produced.

In anticipation of visit to Santa Maria Novella and Lorenzo Villoresi; compose a scent from a Renaissance recipe using the essential oils distilled in the alembic as an aromatic base.

Dinner cooked by a local guest chef with local cheeses and cured meats.

Day 5- 10th April

To Florence: The Officina Santa Maria Novella and visit to the Studio of Lorenzo Villoresi.